Slovenia is a beautiful country

About Slovenia

Slovenia is positioned in the heart of Europe, more or less in geometrical centre, between Italy, Austria, Hungary and Croatia, where the Alps face the Pannonia plains and the Mediterranean meets the mysterious Karst. As a beautiful and picturesque country, Slovenia makes a great tourist destination. There are beautiful mountains and green hills with amazing views; some are full of vineyards. We have lakes, waterfalls, forests, caves, hills, plains, rivers, as well as many natural and landscape parks. We have sea-side, a short one, but it's there, with beautiful seaside cities. Precisely, you can see all of Slovenia, within 2-3-hour drive from our capital Ljubljana. You can go skiing on the mountains in the winter, swimming in the sea in the summer, hiking all over beautiful hills and mountains from spring till autumn. Although small Slovenia is covered with various monuments and other sightseeing options that will keep you busy during your free time.

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Slovenia’s small size means that it’s perfectly possible to ski or hike in the mountains in the morning and sunbathe at the coast in the afternoon (or vice versa if you prefer!). Not only that, but you can also easily reach any of the four countries which have borders with Slovenia; Croatia, Austria, Italy and Hungary. Therefore, there are endless possibilities for travelling both within, and outside of, Slovenia.