EU Projects

EU Projects partnership

Our experience with EU projects

We successfully cooperated in different EU projects as partner and promoter. Please, check our references.

Our fields of interest in EU projects

As we already mentioned, we are very interested for EU projects partnership. We offer cooperation in different fields of our work. Therefore, we invite companies, institutions or organizations that are also interested in such cooperation, to look at the list below and see if there is a point, where our interests could meet. In case you see possibilities for cooperation or have any additional questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Providing custom made application

  • We are developing computer applications for business improvement and custom-made applications.
  • Custom-made web applications.


Implementing E-learning Solutions

  • We have developed our own e-learning platform (LMS, LCMS) called eCampus®.
    • We can customize e-learning platform to your requirements.
    • We are developing gamification in e-learning.
    • We are developing mobile e-learning.
  • E-Content
    • We have already published for more than 150 learning hours of various high-quality e-content, mostly in IT area.
    • We can help you by creating a completely new learning e-content meeting your special needs.
    • We have vast experiences in developing multimedia effects to make e-content attractive (animations, simulations …).
  • Services
    • Delivering e-courses and blended learning (combination of instructor-led training and remote web-based training).
    • Offering our »know-how« in e-learning that can be very helpful in performing education.
    • Transforming various content (i.e. non-formatted text, tables, individual pictures and other learning material) into a form customized for e-learning needs.
    • Supporting the web implementation of survey questionnaire and assessment tests.


Providing Formal Education

  • High school
  • College
  • Distance learning for college