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Every project enriches us and brings us new experience. Cooperation in EU projects usually means direction to broader public or even international cooperation, and therefore means additional enrichment for our company. That is why we are looking forward to cooperate in another EU project and invite all companies, institutions or organizations that are interested in cooperation to contact us.



2016-2018 | FIRST - Capacity Building for First Points of Contact for Victims of Domestic and Gender-based Violence

Programme: Rights, Equality and Citizenship (REC) Programme of European Union Partners: ISA Institut (SI), Association SOS Help-line (SI), Association of Centres for Social Work (SI), Centre for Women War Victims (HR), Advice on Individual Rights in Europe (UK), Association Centre Dinamika (BG) 

The project aims to address the needs for widely available psychosocial support resources for victims of violence; relevant knowledge and skills of professionals working at first points of contact; more public awareness and informed professionals and general public regarding the issue of domestic and GB violence. 

The major objective of the project is to ensure widely available psychosocial and legal support, and assistance to victims of domestic and GB violence, through which we could ensure early detection of violence, and provide appropriate support and aid to victims of violence to recover from traumatic experiences. This will contribute to reducing the harmful effects of violence on direct and indirect victims of violence, as well as improved health and increased prosperity in society. 

The objectives:

  • to establish formally recognized national networks of first contacts for victims of domestic and GB violence;
  • to ensure relevant knowledge and information for professionals working at first points contacts to be able to provide adequate psychosocial support and assistance to victims of violence (through FIRST e-Toolbox and train-the-trainers workshops);
  • to empower victims of violence to speak up, seek and receive appropriate assistance to recover from the experience of violence;
  • to increase the awareness of professionals and the general public regarding domestic and GB violence. 

The role of B2 in the project is to provide overall technical support, to provide e-learning management system in many languages and to develop interactive learning modules for all target groups.

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2013-2016 | eDUCATE – E-Methodics and E-Didactics in Adult Education

Programme: Lifelong Learning, Grundtvig


The overall objective of the eDUCATE project is to incorporate new and technology based methods for learning in adult education system by upskilling the trainers with competences in e-moderation and e-didactics. In order to achieve the project objectives we will put the trainers in focus systematically by reaching the trainers, addressing them and their target groups, as well as taking their previous experience, skills and barriers they may face into account. Our aim is it to develop a low-threshold training course that will inspire also less technically-inclined trainers and motivate them to embrace these new technologies. In addition, we are developing an internationally implementable training course that takes into consideration different cultural needs and requirements.

Expected outputs and results of the project are: (i) tested Train-The-Trainer curriculum for e-moderation/e-training of video-seminars, Learner-network to ensure sustainability, (ii) verified coaching concept for reflection and quality assurance, (iii) evaluation materials, (iv) 48 qualified e-trainers, (v) blog for dissemination of teaching and learning materials, including tools and methodological/didactical concepts, (vi) quality standards and (vii) community of practice.

The main target group in this project are trainers in adult education who want to offer new learning methods to their target groups. These are trainers who work in adult education organisation, but also freelance trainers. In this regard the project wants to start with a well-founded and comprehensive training of trainers in all relevant areas (e-didactic, e-methodology, media training, rhetoric, motivation and securing learning results, working with learning platforms and web 2.0) on a low threshold basis for trainers and for their target groups. The content is working with a virtual community and the relevant e-didactic and e-methodology tools to do high quality trainings. This should force the quality of e-learning training with virtual groups and provide the trainers with the necessary expertise and relevant tools.


The main role of B2 is (a) to prepare the curriculum and the content for one of six modules as part of training programme, (b) to localize the training content into Slovene language, (c) to deliver the complete pilot training for Slovene group of participants, (d) to lead one of the six project work packages and (e) cooperate in project management, evaluation and dissemination process.

Involved Partners of the Project:

EB projektmanagement GmbH
Völkendorfer Straße 1/EG/2
AT-9500 Villach

studystar OG
Glein 12 A
AT-9431 Sankt Stefan im Lavanttal

bfz gGmbH Passau (bfz)
Bahnhofstraße 27
DE-94032 Passau

B2 d.o.o.
Tržaška cesta 42
SI-1000 Ljubljana

Hellenic Adult Education Association (HAEA)
Spetson 92-94
EL-11362 Athens, Greece

Slovak Centre for Communication and Development (SCCD)
Prazska 11
SK-81104 Bratislava, Slovakia

Fundatia EOS – Educating for an Open Society Romania (EOS)
Treboniu Laurean 5
RO-300200 Timişoara, Romania


This project has been funded with support from the European Commission.
This publication [communication] reflects the views only of the author, and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein.



2013 – 2015 | ESMAIUI – Education as a Strategic Method Against the Illegal Use of Internet

Programme: CIPS/ISEC 2012

Partners: National School of Leadership in Education, Institut ISA

ESMAIUI The project Education as a Strategic Method Against the Illegal Use of Internet addresses the issue of strategic prevention and fight against cyber crime related to children and teenagers with the use of education. Through education we try to establish greater awareness and increase the knowledge of children and teenagers as well as parents and educators regarding illegal internet content and related activities. Furthermore, the project include the development and dissemination of best practices in the field of protection and support of cyber crime victims in relation with these types of cyber crime. ESMAIUI is based on developing an educational module and actively implementing it in primary schools.

B2 is responsible for overview and analysis of critical areas of cyber crime related to children and teenagers, development of training modules and blended learning methods, teaching and learning strategies, for implementation and development of e-learning environment and modules in selected schools. B2 also provides multi-level evaluation of the impacts.

More about ESMAUI 


2011 – 2013 | SELPRAF – Self-employment with e-Learning based Practise Firms

Programme: Leonardo da Vinci  

In accordance with the document Europe 2020, Europe wants to become smarter, more sustainable and inclusive. A main part of this document, the Agenda for New Skills and Jobs, stimulates innovations adapted to the individual learner’s needs, which, consequently also supports the process of self-employment. Since both Slovenia’s and Croatia’s unemployment rates are above the EU average, all forms of alternative employment should be promoted, and one of the main outstanding possibilities is represented by a wide spectrum of self-employment possibilities.

The general aim of the SELPRAF project is to encourage interest of unemployed for entrepreneurship by an innovative SELPRAF Training Programme for the acquisition of the four key competences: communication in the mother tongue, communication in foreign languages, digital competence, and sense of initiative and entrepreneurship.

Company B2 will have many roles in this project. As a core partner will take care of project administartion activities including the internal web portal for document sharing among partners. As a technical partner will provide learning management system (LMS eCampus), offer technical support to other partners and set up public web page. A s a training partner will help authors to convert text content to e-learning courses with multimedia and interaction.

More about SELPRAF


2011-2013 | EUParky – All Eurepean Parks Portal with Tourist Information in A Child Friendly and Parents Useful Way

Programme: EUREKA 


The main project idea of the project EUParky is the connection and interaction of different national, nature, amusement and historical parks with EUParky portal as the main hub. Within this project the web portal will provide all relevant information about some tourist parks in Slovenia and Croatia. Many special features will be developed in this portal such as proper combination of content presentation for children and their parents as well; social networks activities; reporting automatization for touristic service providers etc.
Company B2 is responsible to run all technical, organizational and system development activities. Final web portal will be implemented by using modules and will enable scalability for large potential.

More about EUParky 


2011-2013 | Finessence – Examine Your Current and Potential Business Partners in Details

Programme: EUREKA 

The objective of this project is to develop innovative and high-tech web application which will provide all relevant info on credit risk and financial situation of Croatian legal entities in one place and in user friendly format. As a result, users' risk management procedures will be largely improved.

Role of a company B2 is to conceptually blend e-learning modules into web application and to implement functional and graphic design to whole application. Using the latest approaches in e-didactics and design trends with up-to-date technologies we will co-create an outstanding web application that will help business users to decide more safely.



2010-2012 | FeedMeBack – Educa Human Resources Feedback Tool for Employees, Organisational Scanning And Further Organisational Improvement

Programme: EUREKA 


The aim of this project is to develop and implement a new, professionally unique Human Resources (HR) software tool that helps effectively manage people, process & strategy while implementing HR best practices. Tool is both informational, educational and is able to conduct more complex HR processes.
Company B2 is responsible for design and implementation of web application that will serve many types of users and will offer all the solutions set as project goals. B2 also provides technical support to other partners.


2010-2012 | E-PRAGMATIC – E-Learning and Practical Training of Mechatronics and Alternative Technologies in Industrial Community

Programme: Leonardo da Vinci 

E-PRAGMATIC network connects educational institutions, chambers of commerce and small business, enterprises and the associations of enterprises from seven European countries.
The main network’s aim is to modernize mechatronics and engineering vocational training of the employed professionals, apprentices and trainees, by enhancing of the existing or establishing new in-company training approaches in the industry.
Company B2 is in charge as an e-learning and technical partner by providing customized LMS platform eCampus, coding content in hypermedia format and offering all the technical support such as establishing and maintaining website, internal web portal, survey implementation etc. 

More about E-pragmatic



2008-2010 | OntoWiki – Semantic Collaboration for Enterprise Knowledge Management, E‐Learning and ETourism

Programme: FP7 

The aim of this project was to prepare and start-up the commercial exploitation of the semantic collaboration software OntoWiki in the three different target markets, namely Enterprise Knowledge Management, semantically enhanced content management for E-Learning and E-Tourism.

OntoWiki is a comprehensive open-source platform for social semantic collaboration. It is developed at Universität Leipzig and has a large and active user base. Within the course of the project OntoWiki was further developed and adopted to the needs of the SME for exploitation of OntoWiki in the prospective target markets.

More about OntoWiki



2007-2009 | MeRLab - Innovative Remote Laboratory in the E-training of Mechatronics

Programme: Leonardo da Vinci 

Partnerji: IJS, CPI, FERI, Elektro Maribor, Zavod Prava poteza, FHTK (AT), University of Leicester (UK).

Project objectives were:

  • the implementation of the innovative virtual laboratory for practical work with the professional training of mechatronics,
  • the production of multimedia, interactive e-learning contents for the professional training of mechatronics,
  • pilot training.

The project purpose and objectives are directly oriented into the solving of the current imbalance between the offer and demand for the suitably qualified professionals in the field of mechatronics which was established in the preceding surveys.



2005-2006 | Phare 2003

In year 2005 we took part in EU project Phare 2003 meant for computer literacy improvement of unemployed people. The purpose of the project was also to promote e-learning and blended learning. We successfully cooperated in the project as partner in Ljubljana and as promoter in Maribor. With the project we helped 615 unemployed people to acquire additional knowledge and 289 of them obtained also ECDL certificate that verifies their competence in computer use. The project finished at the end of 2006.


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